RPS | Stackable Paving Support


Low-height stackable paving support pads are simple to install and build-up height. A very economical method of creating clear space below the paving, allowing for rapid water drainage. For use on totally flat surfaces.

  • Spacer tabs create a perfectly uniform gap between slabs
  • Drainage holes ensure fast and efficient rainwater drainage
  • Supports can be stacked to desired height – up to 6 high for RPS range, up to 10 high for RPS-HD range
  • Supports can be snapped into halves or quarters for supporting slabs at edges or corners
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Edge spring clip

The edge spring clip fits on top of paving supports around the periphery of paved areas to ensure uniform spacing against wall abutments, helping ensure rapid drainage. By tensioning the tile bed, it counteracts creepage and movement.

Base shock pads

Base shock-absorbent membrane pads can be installed under the pedestal/support base to enhance acoustic properties, or to provide additional protection to the waterproof system.

Technical Specification

MaterialPolypropelene (recycleable)
Height range RPS-HD15-150mm
Height range RPS10-60mm
Compression RPS-HD1000kg
Compression RPS400kg
Spacer tab thickness4mm
Biological/chemicalResistant to moulds, algae, alkali, bitumen, UV


RPS-10Product: 10mm stackable paving support
RPS-15Product: 15mm stackable paving support
RPS-3Product: 3mm shim for finer height adjustment compatible with RPS-10/15
RPS-HD15Product: 15mm heavy-duty stackable paving support
RPS-HD2Product: 3mm heavy-duty shim for finer height adjustment compatible with RPS-HD15


Datasheet - RPS Paving Support

pdf 0.40 MB

Download the overview for the system for more information

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