RPA | Self-levelling Adjustable Paving Pedestal


The RPA self-levelling adjustable paving pedestal supports all types of calibrated paving up to an impressive height of 1000mm

  • ‘Ball and socket’ floating head design allows slope correction of up to 10.5% (6°)
  • Spacer tabs provide consistent spacing between slabs. The ‘Snap off’ design allows for easy removal.
  • The adjustable thread allows millimetre perfect adjustment
  • The base can be cut down to allow for placement against the wall abutment
  • The height extension collar raises the total height by 100mm
  • Holes in base allow drainage and fixing to substrates
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Head shock pads

Head shock-absorbent gaskets fit on top of the paving supports, cushioning tiles and removing the possibility for grit to cause grinding between tile and pedestal head.

Edge spring clip

The edge spring clip fits on top of paving supports around the periphery of paved areas to ensure uniform spacing against wall abutments, helping ensure rapid drainage. By tensioning the tile bed, it counteracts creepage and movement.

Base shock pads

Base shock-absorbent membrane pads can be installed under the pedestal/support base to enhance acoustic properties, or to provide additional protection to the waterproof system.

Technical Specification

MaterialPP Polyproylene (recyclable), UV resistant
Biological/ChemicalResistant to moulds, algae, alkali, bitumen
Compression2100kg (certified compression data available on request)
Base diametera210mm / 220mm120x120mm (170mm with spreader plate)
Head diameter130mm
Spacer tab thickness2mm / 4mm (standard) / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm
Working temperature-40oC to 120oC
Reaction to fireBRoof(t4) in accordance with EN 13505:2018 when used as part of the complete TerraSmart Pedestal System


RPA-1Height: 40-56mm
RPA-2Height: 50-70mm
RPA-3Height: 70-110mm
RPA-4Height: 110-160mm
RPA-5Height: 150-210mm
RPA-6Height: 200-300mm
RPA-7Height: 300-400mm
RPA-8Height: 400-500mm
RPA-9Height: 500-600mm
RPA-10Height: 600-700mm
RPA-11Height: 700-800mm
RPA-12Height: 800-900mm


Datasheet - RPA Paving Pedestal

pdf 0.37 MB

Download the overview for the system for more information

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