Textured Concrete Paving

Hakura textured concrete paving integrates natural Yorkstone aggregate to give a slip-resistant and highly durable quality to terraces, balconies, and access walkways. These concrete pavers are available in textured surface finishes and three colours. Fit for both residential areas and areas of high foot traffic, the Hakura range calls back to an ancient time, a finish that brings back a feeling of deep-rooted heritage.

  • Suitable for high foot traffic areas
  • Complies with BS EN 1339:2003
  • Non-combustible – A1 rated
  • Excellent slip and skid resistance
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AppearanceSolid unit with textured surface
Manufacturing ProcessHydraulically pressed concrete
Base Raw MaterialConcrete
Governing Manufacturing StandardsAll data where relevant to be established in accordance with BS EN 1339 : 2003

Physical Properties

Tolerances on Work Dimensions (mm)Length ±2mm, width ±2mm, thickness ±3mm
Abrasion Resistance (mm)= 23mm (Wide Wheel Abrasion Test)
Durability (Freeze-thaw)= 1.0 kg/m² as a mean with no individual value > 1.5 kg/m²
Material Density2300 kg/m³ (typically)
Slip/Skid Resistance (polished)Mean polished skid resistance value (PSRV) : > 45
Slip/Skid Resistance (unpolished)Mean unpolished skid resistance value (USRV) : > 45.
Thermal Conductivity (K value)Design data as defined to BS EN 13369 : 2013

Technical Specification

Emission of AsbestosNo content
Reaction to fireA1 and Afl
BreeamThese units can achieve an ''A'' rated system when used in conjunction with the correct sub-base components
Carbon Footprint17kg CO2 m²


Nominal Dimensions (mm)Work Dimensions (mm)Approx. Weight (KG)Pack QtyPack Weight (KG)
400 x 400 x 50Work Dimensions (mm): 398 x 398 x 50Approx. Weight (KG): 18Pack Qty: 40Pack Weight (KG): 728
450 x 450 x 50Work Dimensions (mm): 448 x 448 x 50Approx. Weight (KG): 23Pack Qty: 40Pack Weight (KG): 916
600 x 450 x 50Work Dimensions (mm): 598 x 448 x 50Approx. Weight (KG): 31Pack Qty: 20Pack Weight (KG): 612
600 x 600 x 50Work Dimensions (mm): 598 x 598 x 50Approx. Weight (KG): 44Pack Qty: 20Pack Weight (KG): 872
900 x 600 x 50Work Dimensions (mm): 898 x 598 x 50Approx. Weight (KG): 65Pack Qty: 20Pack Weight (KG): 1292


Datasheet - Hakura Concrete Paving

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