TerraSmart® Pedestal Paving System


TerraSmart® Pedestal provides a simple and economical way of creating paved areas on terraces, podiums, and other outdoor spaces wherever non-combustibility is not required.

  • Full system height build-up from just 23mm to over 1000mm
  • Creates strong and stable paved areas with minimal effort
  • Enables rapid water drainage through paving
  • For developments where non-combustibility is not required
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TerraSmart® Pedestal Options

RPF | Fixed Head Adjustable Paving Pedestal

Designed to support all types of calibrated paving, with snap-off spacer tabs.

RPA | Self-levelling Adjustable Paving Pedestal

Adjustable paving pedestal with ball-and-socket head design for slope correction.

RPS | Stackable Paving Support

Low-height paving support for simple installation and height build-up on flat surfaces.

Shock-absorbent gaskets and membranes

Base shock-absorbent membrane pads can be installed under the pedestal/support base to enhance acoustic properties, or to provide additional protection to the waterproof system. Head shock-absorbent gaskets…

Technical Information

System height range23mm to 1030mm
Loading/compressionConcentrated load: 2kN Uniformly distributed: >4.0kN/m2
Warranty10 years
Design life 30 years


TerraSmart Pedestal - System Overview

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Paving system for waterproofed substrates

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