Do wooden balconies need to be replaced?

It is the view of the Ministry or Housing, Communities and Local Government Expert Panel, that balconies constructed using combustible materials assist fire spread along the external wall and that such materials (i.e. anything less than Euroclass A fire-rated products) should be removed and replaced.

Is composite decking fire rated?

Composite decking combines timber and plastic elements to produce a deck board which - while safer than timber decking - cannot be considered 'non-combustible' and will achieve a Euroclass C (limited contribution to fire) or, occasionally Euroclass B fire-rating (very limited contribution to fire) but will not achieve a Euroclass A1 or A2 (non-combustible) rating.

What does A1 fire rating mean?

The European Reaction to Fire classification system is the EU common standard for understanding a products fire performance. A Euroclass A1 fire rating is - by definition - 'non-combustible' meaning it will not burn under normal conditions.

The European Commission decision of 4th October 1996 lists the products which are classified as having 'no contribution to fire' and can therefore classify as A1 fire rated. Some examples of the materials listed include steel, copper, aluminium, glass, ceramics, concrete and natural stone.

Do you offer a design service?

Yes we do! Our design team are always on hand to help bring life to your project plans.

What is the lowest possible height I can fit a full system into?

We can't remember a single instance where we weren't able to come up with an appropriate solution to a design problem. This includes incredibly low-height applications. With decking, we can achieve build-ups as low as 53mm (for projects above 18m or 11m in Scotland - which require non-combustible systems) and we can go as low as 50mm with composite decking. With paving, we can achieve build-ups as minimal as 45mm (for projects which require non-combustible systems), 29mm with plastic supports.

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