How can I be certain that the powder coating on aluminium decking won't wear through in highly trafficked areas?

Interpon D1036 Textura powder coating is specially designed to be scratch and knock-resistant in high-traffic areas. We've tested this claim by having the powdercoating on RynoAluTerrace deck boards tested for wear with what is known as 'Footfall testing' which simulates crowds walking on a floor covering replicating both walking in a straight line and turning corners. Tested up to 100,000 footfalls, there was no wearing observed whatsoever.

Do you offer cut to length boards?

Absolutely. We want to minimise the amount of on-site work for contractors. Cutting boards to length is no problem at all.

Which colours are your aluminium deck boards available in?

Because we have a complete 'Colour Range Assesment' Reaction to Fire Test, AluTerrace deck boards are available in any standard RAL colour. Review the chart of classic RAL colours here: https://www.ral-farben.de/content/anwendung-hilfe/all-ral-colours-names/overview-ral-classic-colours.html

Do you offer a design service?

Yes we do! Our design team are always on hand to help bring life to your project plans.

What does A1 fire rating mean?

The European Reaction to Fire classification system is the EU common standard for understanding a products fire performance. A Euroclass A1 fire rating is - by definition - 'non-combustible' meaning it will not burn under normal conditions.

The European Commission decision of 4th October 1996 lists the products which are classified as having 'no contribution to fire' and can therefore classify as A1 fire rated. Some examples fo the materials listed include steel, copper, aluminium, glass, ceramics, concrete and natural stone.

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