Tower 12 Spinningfields




Tower 12 takes its name from both the number of floors it spans and the fact it was the twelfth building in Spinningfields, Manchester.

Due to the area being dominated by commercial developments, often inhabited by financial industry tenants, the Spinningfields area has been dubbed the “Canary Wharf of the North”. Located in the heart of this bustling district, Tower 12’s design offers a unique, holistic, and modern work environment.

This vibrant area, furnishing both residents and office workers with entertainment, bars, and restaurants, also features and celebrates the local heritage with the Peoples History Museum located just across the river. This is mirrored with Tower 12 whose façade emanates the industrial heritage of the area but whose function retains modern refinement.

Flexible Business Interiors created the terrace spaces on Tower 12 using the pedestal paving system, which is comprised of our specifically designed paving pedestals and porcelain tiles.

The overall project design is enhanced by the seamless transitioning from indoor to outdoor spaces: achieved using Ryno’s simply adjusted RP-FR non-combustible paving pedestals.

The porcelain tiles, in the shade Argento from the Quadro range, punctuated the space with their elegant, contemporary finish. This paving choice created a stain-resistant, slip-proof, and non-combustible surface ready to face the test of time.  

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