Powis Place




The difference between great architecture and ‘near-miss’ architecture is often the small details.

Sometimes we notice these details, other times we look right past…

The Challenge

Powis Place is made up of large student flats and high-specification studios arranged around a central landscaped courtyard.  The six-storey building was destined to be an award winner, with the top two floors set back to create landscaped terrace spaces overlooking the city skyline. These terraces are an important design feature and sprawl out in different directions: multiple angles and sloping curved edges are recurring features.

The walls feature an in-vogue dark grey brick façade adding further to the building’s impressive appearance, but this façade was offset to increase soundproofing and insulation qualities, making it a challenge to fix the roof edge trim to these different faces.

The Solution

RYNO F4L GRP roof edge trim solved the issue when it came to the extended fixing detail required. F4L trim has a 100mm face and an extra-long (110mm) fixing arm as standard, ensuring the trim could be securely fixed despite the challenges.

The face of the trim can be seen from street level, and complements the grey brick and window frames, accentuating the clean lines and curved edges at each roof level.  To accommodate the curved edges, RYNO F4L GRP roof trim was notched and fitted in a single piece on-site, perfectly tying together the striking building profile.

The high-quality, durable roof edge trim will not corrode, rust or dent, even during the harsh Aberdeen winters.

The Results

The dark grey materials chosen in this project are a nod to the traditional grey granite buildings of ‘The Granite City’.

The dramatic appearance of the building makes an immediate impact, sharp corners from one perspective become rounded and soft from another, all pulled together with the clever use of roof edge trim.

With near-miss architecture, cost-saving or speed might have taken priority, but in great architecture, small details make all the difference.

Powis Place was designed by architect Carson & Partners, the main contractor was Kier Scotland.

In addition to being shortlisted for a Saltire Housing Design Award this year (2018), Powis Place was one of 12 winners of the 2017 Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) award for ‘Best Current Scottish Architecture’.

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