A hub for businesses, a site of attractions and accommodation, London’s iconic County Hall is as stunning on the outside as it is on the inside, made even more beautiful thanks to our TerraSmart® Aluminium.

In order to create a venue for events, Coronado Property Developments Ltd needed a solution for the huge steel floor installed into the lightwell.

A Grade II listed building required a decking solution that would complement the overall aesthetics and cater for the increased load requirements: the design load went from a 2.0kN Concentrated Load and 2.5kN/m2 uniformly distributed load (UDL) (used for areas of residential activities, typically used for balconies) to a 4.0kN concentrated load and 5.0kN/m2 UDL (as an area where people may congregate).

TerraSmart Aluminium was selected as the ideal system to meet the client’s loading criteria. Aluminium decking is a lightweight system when compared to other paving solutions, but very strong. Coronado Property Developments Ltd were very impressed with the solution provided by RYNO and the work done by Pritchard & Pritchard, who installed the system in both lightwells in the building.

The TerraSmart Aluminium system featured the ADB80 Deck Board, selected specifically for its increased top surface thickness, delivering superior durability, ADS50 Aluminium Joists to suit the spans of the steel frame underneath, and RD-FR Non-Combustible Joist Support Pedestals for guaranteed supporting strength.

The steel grillage was supplied by another manufacturer and installed around the decking to meet the ventilation requirements of the air-conditioning units below.

The County Hall was opened over 100 years ago by King George V and it’s great to see our systems in London’s most versatile, historic building.

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