Spa Road Apartments


If there was ever a project which best highlights the many uses of RYNO paving supports, it’s this one.

This central London residential development is comprised of apartments with shared balconies connected by paved walkways. Premium rooftop apartments have large paved terraces, opened up to views out over the city by glass balustrades.

Different paving support systems met the challenges of the respective areas and were fitted in their entirety by the Roofing Contractor on the development.

System Used

RYNO’s RPA self-levelling adjustable pedestals were used to support the paving in the terraces surrounding the rooftop apartments. RPA pedestals have a huge height range and offer the highest compressive strength of any pedestal on the market.

The best system for the job

An ultra-low height paving support system was required for the shared balcony and walkway spaces, due to the low door-thresholds of the external doors. RYNO RPS stackable paving supports were chosen for the task, allowing rapid water drainage with an extremely low height build-up of only 10mm.

By utilising the most optimal paving support system for each area, the contractor was able to deliver high-quality external paved areas with consistency.

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